A leading global company is currently seeking a PMO for their business transformation process.

The ideal candidate plays key roles with primary focus on a) Business Analysis, b) Project Management and c) Change Management.

a) Business Analysis: The requirements are to create future figures in business & operation process and system architecture and define strategy to take necessary actions for meeting them. In the process quantitative and qualitative analyses are needed with deep insights leading to innovative ideas mainly from the views of efficiency and effectiveness.

b) Project Management: After projects are initiated, there is a need to translate potential actions into timeline and financial numbers with having approvals from all relevant stakeholders. Continuous monitoring is executed on a regular basis for proper management on timeline and budget. Also KPIs are tracked to evaluate post go-live performances.

c) Change Management: This area is to focus on people side change including mind-set, business & operation process, system and technology. The primary responsibility is to create and implementing change management strategy and plans that maximize employee adoption and usage and minimize resistance.

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